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Package Rate Disclaimer

Package Rate Disclaimer

Please note that our package rate comes with a package price. We do not offer discounts . You are responsible for paying the bill in full. Please Keep in Mind; we are paid for skilled services not the hours, we are pretty fast and proficient at what we do.

Deposit Information

Immediate payment of a non-refundable and non-transferrable deposit is required before a date is held, on the day of booking. Without the deposit, a booking cannot be secured and the date will be made available to another interested client. Your deposit is deducted from the final balance but is separate from the trial run. The deposit is 40% of your bill and is required on the day of booking. The remaining balance is due 14 business days or 2 weeks before the day of services.

E-Sign Your Contract

Your contract needs to be signed and returned on the same day as your deposit. The contract is meant to protect both the client and Bridal Hair & Makeup by Edie.

FYI: Without this 40% deposit with the Signed Contract, the date cannot be booked and secured therefore allowing another Bride to book the date. Please be advised that your date may or may not be available If you choose to do Trial Run before booking and securing your date.

You may view the contract or access the contract via Docusign®

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Additional Information

Travel Fees

Travel fees for Bridal Hair & Makeup by Edie may apply if you need us to travel outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The bride is responsible for paying all parking fees at venues and hotels. It is the responsibility of the Client to be sure BHME parks in designated areas for visitors where they live, any tow charges will be the responsibility of the Bride/Client.

Cancellation Policy & Bridezilla Clause

Bridal Hair & Makeup by Edie reserves the right to cancel a booking due to extreme conflict of personality, contagious disease, or the Bridezilla clause. Our Bridezilla clause states that, "If a Bride, a Family Member/Friend of the Bride, A Bridal Party Member or Representative of the bride becomes unruly or abusive at any point, Bridal Hair & Makeup by Edie will may leave the Premises without starting of finishing services and/or cancel any and all agreements and bookings without refund."

Payment Options

Accepted forms of payment include cash with approval But Preferrably Credit/Debit card. We accept MasterCard®, American Express®, Visa®, and Discover®. We look forward to helping you celebrate your big day! Any payments $380 and under will require full payment on date of booking. For large bridal parties, all booking fees must be paid on one card, unless otherwise discussed.

Cancellation Fee

There is a cancellation fee of 50% of your remaining payments if you cancel within the 60 days prior to your booked date unless otherwise agreed upon. Please notify us as soon as possible if you intend to cancel the services of our hair and makeup artists .

Please be advised, 50% or more of your overall payment may not be refunded if there was fault of your own or you refuse resolution if circumsatnces are due to miscommunication on your part regardless of the date. Bridal Hair & Makeup by Edie tries to offer resolutions to circumsatnces out of their control because we want our relationship with you to remain positive and in tact so that you receive the best quality services offered.

*Note: If you pay for services 5 days or more prior to the date of event with out signing contract and fail to respond to the request for the signed contract and other additional information needed there will be no refund..Explanation follows..

(Because You paid, the date is frozen due to payment, which prevents another bride from stealing your date from you, yet also prevents BHME from booking another bride instead causing loss of revenue  (which is why it is so important that you sign and return the contract with payment of agreed amount on the same date in order to secure your booking) so please understand, as  professional's, BHME cannot provide actual services without the Contract which protects both You and BHME, and we definitely cannot provide services without Your Location and Time for the Day of.) We make every effort to get the requested information up to the day of because we are ecxited for you and want your special day to be as perfect and beautiful as you do.

General Refunds

If there is a Refund coming to you, it will take place as soon as funds are available this could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the process.

Please be patient, you will receive your refund less the 40% Non Refundable deposits and as long as a cancellation has not taken place within 60 days prior.

Late Fees

There will be a $10.00 initial late fee for final payments plus $5.00 every day until payment is made.